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From the murky waters that is my record collection, I will surface with all kinds of goodies. Prepare yourself for a f**ked up mix of tunes cuz in the underwater world Bon Scott, Kathleen Hanna, Bobby Darin and John Tardy are all eating at the same table.

Mar 28, 2017

Watched the local hockey team make the semi-finals in the Swedish Hockey League yesterday and what a treat that was! But music beats sports everyday of the week so here's a new episode for ya. Punk, garage, death metal, stoner rock, alternative, swamp rock and hard rock is on the playlist so dig on in.

Mar 20, 2017

Rainy night here in town so why not pull another episode of the Inferno out of my butt crack I thought to myself. Well, here it is with some punk, soul, stoner rock, alternative, grunge and hard rock on the playlist.

Mar 13, 2017

Back with another one of those block rockin' beats! Well, not really but you'll find a sweet mix of punk, alternative, sleaze, r&b, soul and thrash on this episode of the Inferno. Dig in and get your fill.

Mar 6, 2017

Kickstart the week with a spanking new show! There's some punk, hard rock, stoner rock, alternative and even a ditty from the 50's sung by what I thought was a girl but turned out to be a 12 year old boy...