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From the murky waters that is my record collection, I will surface with all kinds of goodies. Prepare yourself for a f**ked up mix of tunes cuz in the underwater world Bon Scott, Kathleen Hanna, Bobby Darin and John Tardy are all eating at the same table.

Nov 25, 2014

Mixed bag as usual on the Inferno. Wild Billy Childish will get you in a Xmas mood, German thrashers Tankard will make you long for beer, Wanda Jackson will make you move your feet and Red Alert will make you tough! 

Nov 18, 2014

Some mid-week music action/satisfaction with bands from all over the world. British new wave, Norwegian stoner rock, US hardcore, Canadian metal, yeah you get the picture.

Nov 13, 2014

New episode just in time for the weekend. Whatever sheenaningans you might be up to, you can't go wrong with songs about beer, cars, whiskey and parties. OK, so some of the tracks have slighty more boring topics, but that shouldn't stop you from listening my friend!  

Nov 7, 2014

Add two cups of new punk and one cup of old sleaze. Mix in some thrash, power pop, country and garage and this bowl of noise is all set to be devoured. Serve with your drink of preference and enjoy!

Nov 2, 2014

Even a fairly non-eventful weekend can end in a bang, so download this groovie file and get them feet moving to the sweet sound of punk, psychobilly, death metal, hard rock and alternative. Enjoy!