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From the murky waters that is my record collection, I will surface with all kinds of goodies. Prepare yourself for a f**ked up mix of tunes cuz in the underwater world Bon Scott, Kathleen Hanna, Bobby Darin and John Tardy are all eating at the same table.

Oct 29, 2016

After all the bands I've played on this show I'm glad to have found seven more never heard on the Inferno before. Punk, stoner rock, thrash, country, ska, alternative, it's all here dear listener.

Oct 16, 2016

After listening to 80's metal pretty much nonstop for eight hours yesterday you'd think I would be SICK of music today. Well, you're wrong, which is why I just recorded this smokin' episode of the Inferno filled with punk, stoner rock, alt-country, death metal, garage, rap, alternative and a ditty from the 50's.

Oct 10, 2016

Monday, damn! Whether it's new week, new opportunities or same old, same old music should be your companion through it all. I've stocked the shelves with punk, sleaze, death metal, Americana, garage, classic rock, hard rock and alternative. 

Oct 3, 2016

11 tracks spanning 60 years! Dip your toes and feel the sonic currents of punk, thrash, hardcore, sleaze, hard rock and garage caress your feet. And as a real toe curler I've thrown a Broadway tune into the mix.