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From the murky waters that is my record collection, I will surface with all kinds of goodies. Prepare yourself for a f**ked up mix of tunes cuz in the underwater world Bon Scott, Kathleen Hanna, Bobby Darin and John Tardy are all eating at the same table.

Sep 24, 2014

Only 3 months till Christmas so here's an early gift for your ears and mind. Got some punk, bay area thrash, garage, sleaze and even a movie score on today's playlist, enjoy!

Sep 17, 2014

Mid-week action with a playlist full of movers and shakers! Garage rock from Argentina, punk from Philly, gritty blues from Australia and that's just three slices of the pie, dig in!

Sep 10, 2014

On this special of Jake's Inferno all singers are sidelined, so sit back and enjoy eleven thrash, ska, blues and punk instrumentals. 

Sep 5, 2014

For this show I mainly flicked through my 7" collection and ripped a few choice cuts. Add to that the best band to come out of Seattle, a hip-hop track and a song from Beasts of Bourbon's six string benders.  

Sep 1, 2014

New month, new week, new show, new music! Well, the first track anyway... After that there's some punk, blues, new wave and oi on the playlist.